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Never really desperate

Le 27 juillet 2017, 10:35 dans Humeurs 0

There is a small village in the north of Chile, which is west of the Pacific Ocean, north of the Atacama Desert. Special geographical environment, so that the Pacific cold air flow and the desert on the high temperature air flow all year round, forming a foggy climate. Can be thick fog no benefit to this piece of dry land, because the strong sun during the day will make the fog quickly evaporated.


All along, in this piece of drought on the land, do not see the green, no little life.


A Canadian physicist named Robert went through this desolate place during a global tour. He lives in the village. Soon, he found a strange phenomenon, where in addition to spiders no other creatures, everywhere spider web, spider everywhere, live well. Why is it that spiders can survive in such an arid environment? This raises a great deal of interest to Robert. With the help of electron microscopy, he found that these spiders have a strong hydrophilic, easy to absorb moisture in the fog. And these water, it is the spider can be here in the endless source.


With the support of the Chilean government, Robert developed a man-made fiber web. He chose the local fog thickest area arranged in the network array, so that through the intermittent fog between the repeated interception, the formation of a large number of water droplets, the water dripping into the net under the trough, after filtering, purification, has become a new source of water.


Today, Robert's artificial spider web can cut water on average 10580 liters per day, while in the fog season, the daily cut of 131,000 liters, not only to meet the needs of local residents, but also can irrigate the land, so that this former Desolate, dusty desert, grow flowers and green vegetables.


This world, never really desperate, and some just desperate thinking, as long as the mind did not dry up, and then desolate land, will become a vibrant oasis.

You are not afraid to admit when you are wrong.

Le 10 mai 2017, 04:27 dans Humeurs 0

“Iknowonething: thatIknownothing” – Socrates

Thisquoteisoftenreferredtoasthe “SocraticParadox”, anditmeanstohighlightthatthewiserpersonisnotthepersonwhopresumestoknoweverything, butratherthepersonwhorecognizesthattheydon’t . Thisrunscountertotoday’spopularideathatsmartpeopleshouldneveradmitthatthey’rewrongormistaken–butweallknowthatonesmartguywhothinksheknowseverything… andweallknowhe’snotreallythatsmart .


Sokeeponadmittingyou’rewrong. It’shealthy, andasignthat…